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We all have a passion. This is mine! I was late to yoga.  Like most people I arrived at yoga to manage pain and inflexibility.  Unfortunately, I had a less than ideal interaction with a teacher who essentially told me that "some people shouldn't practice yoga", referencing my atypical yoga body!  I chose in that moment, well a few moments later after floods of tears, that I was going to become a teacher and provide a safe space for anyone to come and practice, a space dedicated to allowing your practice to develop naturally and in line with how you show up each class and how you feel!





My work with yoga is my heart's purpose, my driving force. It's the reason I get up every day and do what I do.  The 2nd reason is my Dad! After 5 yrs caring for him through dementia at home, doing his palliative care and holding his hand as he passed, I had very little left to give.  He taught me to always, always, be kind and compassionate, to love where there was no love, to sow seeds on hearts that were barren and to water the souls of the people who crossed my path without judgement.  His teachings, his love and guidance, brought me back to life to accept the privilege of facilitating yoga practices for ALL people!  I will forever be grateful for having such an amazing role model and it is in his honour the studio is named - he was an ornithologist and discovered the yellow breasted canary in South Africa.

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My business is more than just a job. My core set of values has been many many years in the growing and have evolved over time with all the certain uncertainty that is the human experience!

My foundational value is being of service to others.  I am dedicated to my clients, to continuing my education in yoga, somatics, meditation and mindfulness because I KNOW first hand how these practices can enhance and heal your life, soul and body!


I've had the privilege of working with a host of fantastic clients.  People from all walks of life, all ages, all body types, all experiences.  It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome them into my home, into my studio and my heart and to provide guidance through movement and mindfulness, creating a space that is theirs where they are safe, accepted and loved exactly as they are!

The Blissful Canary
Private Yoga Studio

Take time out for yourself.  Take a deep breath.  Come and find a practice that centres you, a practice to connect to yoursel
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